People of Nepal: Farmers

Income is very low in Nepal because so many people rely on subsistence farming. In Lamjung, many people have their own fields in which they grow rice, corn, tomatoes, pomegranate, cucumbers, coffee, tea, limes, cotton, jackfruit, pineapple, pears, onions, and many other foods. Other products, including the staple of lentils can be bought in the nearest towns.


Most families own a buffalo to plough the fields and provide milk.  Despite the lack of traffic, the air is rent with the cries of men shouting at their animals in the fields. The buffalo and cows are usually allowed out to graze. When the cows are pregnant, grass must be fetched for them and it is common to see a person struggling under the weight of grass on their back.


Farmers irrigate their padi fields with systems of water pipes and this usually provides a beautiful watery landscape of reflections. However, climate change is drastically impacting the livelihoods of these people and many of the fields I saw were completely dried out. Some farmers that I met were waiting until later in the year in the hope that the monsoon would up its game.


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