Shamila’s story

My new set of Nepali watercolours may have turned to chalk after only a few days but I still managed to paint this beauty (poser).  🎨

This is one of my Nepali counterparts, Shamila. She is 18 years old and this is her first time leaving home for so long. She comes from a relatively liberal family and yet is still isolated during menstruation, banned from temples and forced to wash her own plates outside in the belief that this will prevent her contaminating the water pipe. 

She, like a true hero, uses this to her advantage; she lounges around for several days a month, demanding that her brothers bring her glasses of water and snacks. After all, she just can’t get them herself! 

Somehow, I don’t think these rules will be enforced to the same extent in the next generation. 

2 thoughts on “Shamila’s story

  1. Oh my god …what is this ? Cave days . Good on her for using this for her own advantage . Women have to learn be smart just read the history books. (((Hugs))) to that lovely girl

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