Graffiti in Liverpool

I recommended Liverpool as a place to visit to someone I met at work a few months ago. Last weekend, he visited. And he fell in love with it. The scousers are such a passionate people and this is often expressed in the most unconventional ways. Here are a few of examples of graffiti that express the true vibrancy of Liverpool.  They are by no means an entire catalogue of street art in Liverpool.

This is a new addition to a bus stop on Smithdown Road. It is undoubtedly a reaction to the new vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Liverpool voted overwhelmingly to remain and since has mounted a campaign of devolution from the rest of the UK,  Lexit (Liverpool Exit). It is nice to see this graffiti in a predominantly student area of the city, when students have become increasingly apathetic and apolitical in recent years.


Migration is love
Migration is love

I also spotted this beautifully simple comment on the evils of consumerism.

Buy more shit
Buy more shit

This, for me, epitomises the scouse attitude I have come to know and love. It speaks of the importance of wealth and the crushing of those without it. This is a city with a working-class identity and nowhere does this anger at inequality pervade more intensely. The words also suggest that everyone is worthwhile; everyone is a person regardless of crude markers like wealth. This reflects the way that scousers tend to treat everyone with great consideration and more humanity that in other cities.

Poor are people too
Poor are people too

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