A Wild Lunchtime

The City of London is the home of suited bankers, medieval spires and cold stone buildings. Whilst wandering around, it may seem that there is not any wildlife to it. But take a detour down one of the side alleys and you will discover that there are plenty of green respites from the concrete.

Postman's Park
Postman’s Park
Postman’s Park is one of the best spots for a quiet office break and is well known among city workers. It is so called because the postmen from the nearby General Post Office used to relax there. Although this quintessentially British image has vanished into the past, the businessmen (emphasis on men) and giant London Plane trees offer an equally typical modern day view of England.

By the river
By the river
All around the City are flowerbeds brimming with new planted annual flowers. The council gardeners do a wonderful job with aesthetics but do not seem to be fans of sustainability. They much prefer ripping up old plants to make way for new flowers than working on maintenance.

Cornflowers by the Millennium Bridge
Cornflowers by the Millennium Bridge
One of their new displays is on the north side of the river by the Millennium Bridge. It is a perfect spot to admire the river, the hordes of pedestrians streaming across the bridge like ants. Street sellers blow large, shimmering bubbles. I gaze at the Silver Birches opposite and resit the urge to flick a greenfly off my arm. Sometimes, the desire to be separate from nature is so ingrained. The seagulls nesting nearby in the Youth Hostel squawk their approval. Despite the constant flow of people behind me, it feels like a world away from work. Across the river, Georgia O’Keeffe’s exhibition of flower paintings offers another wild retreat.

At last, I reluctantly head back to work.


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