Day 27

This post will be another throwback to the Spring.


Feeling exhausted from the city, I decided to escape for a bit. I chose the National Trust owned Hatchlands Park. I cycled along the dual carriageway from the station and towards the park. I was thrilled yet terrified for my life and passing several squashed animals en route did not help. However, despite the ominous signs, I eventually arrived safely. I bought my ticket to the garden only and was able to bask in sunny peacefulness. Buying an ice cream from the shop, I set out to explore. There was a stunning range of park set around a stark, red-brickĀ house.

IMG_0762Reading my book in the field of daffodils was idyllic. But the mysterious dappled shade of the bluebell woodland was, ironically, the highlight. I took these images of the trees. They each have such a weathered and gnarly character to them that I felt tree portraits were more appropriate than anonymous landscapes.

IMG_0769 IMG_0768 IMG_0764


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