Day 23- survey like a scientist

Seemingly barren landscape
Seemingly barren landscape

Today, I attempted to pay more attention to the plants and animals of the coast. You know, the kind of grey-looking plants that one usually just scoots past. Well, it turns out that they are not so grey.


Is it a type of Fuschia?
Is it a type of Fuschia?


Using goggles, I had a brilliant view of the brightly coloured fish and painfully prickly anemones around some sea caves. Unfortunately, I think scientists have rather more effective resources than a Google search engine and I have, to this day, been unable to identify the calm, shimmering fish that I saw. I hate to add to the morass of unlabeled photographs online, but these were so beautiful I thought I would share. If any plant experts are reading, do share your wisdom.

Bizarre little rock bridge
Bizarre little rock bridge




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