Cure for insomnia

Sunrise over the River Mersey
Sunrise over the River Mersey


When you just can’t sleep, it can be helpful to get outside and escape into the wild for a bit: make a flask of tea and head to the untrimmed and un-pampered Sefton Meadows or down to the wide-open, desolate river Mersey.

This morning I cycled to the river in time to catch the sunrise. The river was flowing out at low tide but still glassy and reflecting the pink clouds. Seagulls squawked on the mudflats and goldfinches fluttered overhead. White aeroplane trails criss-crossed before a glowing orange sky. The air was crisp and smelled full of the coming autumn and early-morning mist. The water and sky seemed to merge together and make me feel freer, lighter. When the sun had risen and I had become an ice block wearing a hat, I decided it was time to leave. By the time I’d cycled uphill all the way back from the river I was sufficiently tired and cold to crawl back into bed.


Self Portrait
Self Portrait



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